Getting A Culinary Internship During Summer Break

As a college student, summer break is often viewed as a welcome interval between gruelling semesters. While getting some respite is worthwhile, you can improve your chances of being hired at the end of your course by getting a culinary internship.

Why are summer internships important?

Internships offer a step into the real world of hospitality, a means to enhance the skills you learn in culinary college and understand the dynamics of a functioning workspace. You will learn the ‘tricks of the trade’, shortcuts and varying ways of doing a specific job if you do multiple internships through college. 

Culinary internships help you build your resume and help you stand out in the competitive job space. Additionally, they give you an understanding of varying departments so you can make an educated choice when applying for a job.

How do I find a culinary internship?

Online searches with appropriate filters can help you find a multitude of internships wherever you are based or if you’re relocating to another area for the summer. The easiest and most reliable way is through your own college. As one of the best culinary institutes in India, Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts has a wide network across the world, and offers exciting internships in the US, Germany and Japan.

So when should I apply for a culinary internship?

The best tip is to start your research as early as possible. Many collaborative internships between colleges and companies receive dozens of applications and will need to sift through well in time before the end of the school year. You should ideally apply for internships by the start of the last term before the year end. 

What should I remember when applying for a culinary internship?

  • Applying to multiple internships opens up the range of opportunities available to you. Some of these may have deadlines and many companies have hiring schedules. Learn about them and create schedules so you don’t miss out on any recruitment deadlines.
  • Invest time in your resume so you present the best version of yourself. Include all relevant credits you have earned, projects / assignments you have completed, volunteer work and any other information that you think can set you apart from other applicants. Remember to carefully check for grammar and spelling issues so you look as professional as possible.
  • Some internship applications have a specific set of directions to be followed. Ensure you meet all the application criteria and include all the information and documents requested by the company.
  • If interviews are being held, prepare well. Read about the company you are interviewing with, dress appropriately and conduct yourself professionally. 

What should I avoid when applying for a culinary internship?

  • Do not send out the same resume, cover letter and application to all the internships you are applying for. It suggests laziness and human resource departments can easily tell. Customise your resume and cover letter to offer information on why you are the best candidate for their requirements.
  • Do not appear disinterested during an interview or show a bit of attitude even if you have already received positive responses from other companies.
  • Do not forget to follow up after you have applied. Confirm if the company has received your application and documents and ask if they need anything else. It shows you are interested.
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